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What we do at Canopy CAC

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

A team made of several disciplines that are often involved when a child has experienced abuse meets together to review the child’s forensic interview and then work together to arrange the services that child and family needs.

Child Protection

Specialists work to ensure the safety of children.

Forensic Interview

The child speaks with an interviewer who has special training to talk with children. The interview room has special equipment that allows the other team members to watch the interview live or via recording. This way the child doesn’t have to retell their story over and over.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement collaborates with other MDT members to investigate the case.

Medical Exam

Doctors and nurses with special training are available to do a medical exam.

Mental Health

Evidence-based, trauma-focused mental health services, designed to meet the unique needs of our clients, are available.


We partner with multidisciplinary team members to ensure that clients receive justice.

Victim Advocacy

An advocate works with each child and family to provide support and resources. They will be with you through every step in the process.